It’s been a fairly crazy year - which makes the theme of this post all the weirder. Between weird stuff going on with my family, ripping (and subsequently getting surgery for) my ACL and moving apartments in Hyderabad, a lot has happened recently.

First off, moving apartments, I moved to a new building out in the middle of nowhere: approximately 45 minutes away from my office. Had I been living in Delhi, a 45 minute commute isn’t necessarily a bad thing - it’s to be expected in most cases. Like an idiot, I failed to realize that is not exactly true in Hyderabad. The building itself is quite nice, is very cheap - but having a car is almost a necessity; the only saving grace is that car pooling apps are apparently quite popular in Hyderabad, so my commute to work is fairly simple.

As far as my knee is concerned, The next four weeks or so is fairly important - according to my surgeon, it’s this period that my knee is in it’s most delicate condition. The only problem, is that it doesn’t feel delicate - it never hurts or twinges or anything, which scares me because I’m convinced I’m going to try to do something stupid before it’s healed and mess it all up again.

Work is strange lately. When I joined this company six months ago - I thought I had very clear cut reasons for it. I really liked the CEO; I thought he was someone I could learn a lot from and I thought it would be interesting to see how data works in India, where most of your challenges aren’t hard technical problems, but strange issues where the data simply doesn’t exist, or isn’t digitized, cleaned or sometimes even logically organized. Today, I’m not particularly sure. Undoubtedly there’s a lot I can learn - from my ceo (and other people on my team), but all said and done, 90% of my time is devoted to full stack web development and debugging client deployments and it’s already starting to get tedious. I look around at my coworkers, and realize that I’m petrified of getting stuck in a rut. Without Jiu Jitsu or a side project that’s making rapid, measurable progress, I can see myself becoming complacent, settling into the routine of working with nice/fun people, not pushing myself too much, making enough money to be comfortable - even if it’s not as much as I would be making at a top5 tech company. Essentially, I’ve been with the company long enough to be on cruise control all the time, and I can already see how that’s affecting not only my work, but also my side project in deep learning that I’ve been working on for a while now without making any considerable progress. What I’ve started trying to do is to give myself a set amount of time to tackle each issue - enough to be able to do it, but not enough to be able to do it in a leisurely fashion. I’m hoping these artificial deadlines will help boost my productivity a little bit, otherwise I seriously need to rethink where I want to go from here and how I plan to get there. I have this grandiose vision of being able to go out there and make a difference to problems that India has, but I’m never going to be able to do that unless I get my shit together.